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Quady Winery specializes in dessert wines from under-appreciated muscat varieties, in ports, and in aperitif wines. Essensia and Electra made from Orange Muscat and Elysium and Red Electra from the Black Muscat variety can either accompany or replace a dessert and are best if served chilled. Starboard, a port type wine made in a fruit forward-softer style, is Quady's euphemism for port. It is made in two styles: Batch 88 for current drinking and Vintage Starboard, for bottle aging. Recently, Quady has introduced Vya Vermouths, made in three styles, extra dry, whisper dry and sweet, for use either as an aperitif or to mix with spirits. Vya is the vermouth for the connoisseur.


VYA WhisperVYA Whisper Dry, is a hint of garden herbs in fine wine. Whisper Dry enhances, without overpowering, light flavored spirits like vodka. Also enjoy Whisper Dry by itself, chilled either straight up or on the rocks. . . .more

Palomino FinoPalomino FinoUsing the Solera method, our Amontillado style Sherry is produced from biodynamically grown Palomino grapes. With a profound hazelnut-like aroma, the Palomino Fino is smooth and light on the palate. . . .more

DeviationDeviationIncorporating new ingredients from the plant kingdom, delivers higher levels of sensory pleasure than can be done with grapes alone. Its name refers not only to a deviation from. . . .more

EssensiaEssensiaFrom 100% Orange Muscat with an aroma reminiscent of Orange Blossom and Apricot, and a lingering refreshing aftertaste, Essensia is used as a dessert accompaniment or a dessert in itself. . . .more

ElysiumElysiumBlack Muscat, another underappreciated muscat variety, is known in Europe as a table grape variety, Muscat Hamburg, one of the very few black skinned muscats. If ripened to about 25 brix, it attains a rose-like aroma and litchi like flavor.
. . .more

ElectraElectraWith the first sip you feel the wine; light as springtime, delicately sweet, refreshingly crisp, a bouquet of flowers with the taste of peach and melon. Electra is electricity for the mouth!
. . .more

Red ElectraRed ElectraFor several years, some of our avid Electra fans have been asking for a red version of Electra. In the year 2000 we had fun making a small batch. The reception was so overwhelming, it flew out the doors. The wine even received a double gold medal at the San Francisco Fair. It has continued to take flight and win medals ever since. . . .more

VYA DryVYA Extra Dry, is made from a blend of Colombard and Orange Muscat wines with a selection of fresh whole dried herbs (lavender, elecampane, galangal, angelica, orris and linden). The pleasant aromatic effects bring forth a vision
of a new sort of vermouth to be used as an aperitif or a super enhanced white wine.
. . .more

VYA SweetImagine listening to a symphony. The great music reaches a crescendo. Uncontrollably, one begins to tingle and feel warm. This is what VYA Sweet does to your mouth - the special effect of certain plants. . . .more

ElysiumPurpleAn absloutly unique Quady creation produced from the Sunbelt varietal, a family of concord grapes; Purple is an explosion of deep grape flavor. This will remind you of a grape jolly rancher candy. . . .more

Ports and Starboards
Ports & StarboardsWhy do we call our "port" Starboard?.... Because it is not port. Genuine port comes from a region in Portugal, the Douro River Valley. Starboard- the nautical term for right (as opposed to port - left)is unique to our place . . .more



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