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Cheryl Russell, General Manager

Cheryl Russell, General Manager


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Michael Blaylock, Winemaker – A California native with a strong interest in the environment, Michael Blaylock is responsible for twenty eight years of consistent, gold medal wines at Quady Winery. As an integral part of the winery management team, Michael holds the title of Vice President and presides over a wide range of production, labeling, and general winery management concerns. He is on the California Wine Institute Board of Directors and is an advocate for the San Joaquin Valley agricultural community. Locally, he sits on the Madera Slow Food Board and is a member of Vino Fino, one of the oldest wine tasting clubs in the San Joaquin Valley. A former Peace Corps Volunteer assigned to the Philippines, he helped develop new income-generating jobs for local fishermen, which included establishing a successful wine production enterprise. Inspired by this experience, Blaylock returned to the U.S. and entered the graduate enology program at California State University Fresno where he received his Master's of Science degree in Agricultural Chemistry with an emphasis in enology. He also holds a BS in wildlife zoology from San Jose State. In 1984 he joined Quady Winery full time. His unique standard for excellence year after year ensures that Quady wines are full of bright, voluptuous fruit flavors, crisp acidity, and unforgettable dessert-in-the-mouth experiences. A talented and indefatigable workhorse, Mike has been known to say, even during the sixteen-hour days of crush, “What really matters is that I’m still having fun!”

Cheryl Russell, General Manager – While attending Madera High School in Madera, California, Cheryl worked at Copeland Lumber as their bookkeeper. This led her to decide that a career in bookkeeping and accounting would be her future goal. After High School she worked for a construction development company in Madera for many years as their full charge bookkeeper. In 1983 Cheryl started working for Quady and Brash, a local Madera accounting company, where Laurel Quady was a partner in the firm. While working for Quady and Brash she also managed Quady Winery's payables, receivables and sales. With the winery expansion and addition of office space in 1985 Andy Quady offered Cheryl the accounting position at the winery facility. "When I first started working at the winery it was myself, Andy, Michael Blaylock and a few general winery workers. We now have 5 office staff, our winemaker, an assistant winemaker and six full time cellar, bottling and winery workers. Also working for us are many part-time employees that assist with wine tastings and promotional events. Since I started working at the winery we have gone from producing about 3,000 cases of wine a year to over 40,000. Things have changed." Cheryl is now Quady Winery's general manager in charge of staff and operations.




Quady Viva Las Vegas Uncork'd

Cheryl Russell and winemaker Michael Blaylock had the opportunity to show off our wines in Vegas. They got to hang out with several famous sommeliers and chefs from the Food Network. They even had an Elvis sighting.

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