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EssensiaEssensia 2009:

Essensia can often make a dramatic accompaniment to dessert. It is sufficiently sweet to harmonize with the sweetness in the dessert, has excellent acidity, and stands up to assertive flavors, such as chocolate.

Featured Pairing

Frozen Pistacio Parfait
Frozen Pistachio Parfait with an Apricot Center served with Strawberries Macerated with Fresh Basil and an Essensia-Apricot Sauce.

ElysiumElysium 2009:

Elysium is made from an unusual grape variety, the Black Muscat, on of the very few Muscats with a black skin. It is characterized by a beautiful light red translucence, a rose like aroma, and a litchi like flavor. It is sweet but also has excellent acitiy (preventing a cloying aftertaste). Elysium is a marvelous accompaniment to cheeses, fruits, and cream, and is one of the very few wines which perfectly accompanies chocolate.

Featured Pairing

Jasmine Panna Cotta
With Elysium black muscat eduction and strawberries.

VYA SweetVYA Sweet:

Featured Pairing

Quady Mediterranean Mussels (Chorizo, Tomatoes, Chick Peas, Cilantro Moroccan Spice) served with Sweet Vya. Makes 8 Servings
Raman Natarajan, Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco






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