Dan Mejia

Dan Mejia- Production Manager

Dan labeling

Dan working on labeling line.


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Dan Mejia , Production Manager –

Dan began his career at Quady Winery in July 1985.  His first tasks involved working with 500 or so barrels of wine in the aging process and assisting with bottling and labeling.  Bottling was done by hand and labeling with a New Jersey Pony Labeler.  As the winery grew so did his responsibilities.  When Dan started working at Quady we were producing about 5,000 cases of wine.  Today we produce 50,000 cases of wine; bottle and label all year long, crush 600 tons of grapes, and produce 9 different wines.  Dan manages and supervises the bottling and labeling of our wines on a 12 head filler corker and a pressure sensitive labeler.  He supervises a crew of 5-10 people at any given time.  At the end of these runs he has to balance out inventory and losses and run production reports for the winemaker.  Dan is very important to our growth, prosperity and longevity and we would not want to be without him.     

Dan is married to Lupe, a 5th grade school teacher at La Vina Elementary School, has 3 children, 1 grandchild, a new home and loves football. 

Mejia Family

Tim, Dan, & Daniel Mejia



Dan relaxing

Relaxing at the company camping trip.

Dan pouring Elysium

Dan pouring an Elysium concoction for Halloween.


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